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MES /@MESsocial has a new website! thus a new blog address for all thoughts regarding engagement and membership recruitment and database within the NHS.

Thank you to all our followers and readers to date! 2013 was a big year on the blog front for MES and 2014 is set to be even bigger and better with all the prezis/ infographics and thought provoking debates you have come to enjoy!.



XMES 2013 Christmas tidings and joy.

After the frolics and hedonistic abandon of last years MES Christmas video, MES has decided to give our Christmas greetings a more sombre tone.

We are proud to present to you our latest XMES offering again through the medium of video and song to wish all of you viewers a very Happy Christmas and spread some festive joy in the lead up to the Holidays.

MESsocial Engagement Advent Calendar

advent calendar

T’is the season of festive engagement! MESsocial will each day be gifting engagement thoughts and tips via our Pinterest Advent Calendar located here or feel free to click on Simon our Project Manager above!

Everything from Prezis, Thinglinks, videos and infographics to whet your engagement appetite and help your engagement drive for 2014.

If you have any questions or queries about Membership engagement, Patient experience and membership recruitment. please feel free to contact us at or on twitter at @MESsocial 

Importance of engaged Governors in the NHS

Council of Governors at Kent Community NHS Trust

Council of Governors at Kent Community

Foundation Trust Governors are the embodiment of the new democratic era of the NHS, forming a bridge between the Trust, its membership and the general public.

FT Governors

Broadly, Governors have a good appetite for their role in helping NHS Foundation Trusts listen to public concern and one could say they fly the flag of public conscience in the NHS. They also are expected to engage and involve not only members of Trusts but also, as updated in the Health & Social Care Act 2012, the broader public and community in activities. Is this happening though in practice as well as theory?

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Can demographics help tackle health issues?

Charles Booth’s “ Descriptive map of London Poverty” though not the first visual collation of data , was one of the most innovative on documenting working class life in London at the end of the 19th Century. His map, an early example of social cartography, used colours to indicate the income and social class of London and created a classification system based on the colours. Though archaic, his 8 tier system sought to use social research to improve the current statistical data on poverty at the time.

Descriptive map of London Poverty

Descriptive map of London Poverty

His groundbreaking social research on public health popularised the idea of “a poverty line” and sowed the seeds for further empirical evidence based research over the next century.

Fast forwarding to 2013, the geographical boundaries of London have changed and the power of data has become far more complex but health is still a big concern.

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What the NHS can learn from British Asians in football.

Equality and diversity are not one and the same. One deals with making sure everyone is treated fairly and afforded the same opportunities, the other deals with difference, which could mean a cultural or religious difference which diversifies an individual or individuals from a majority group. In a health context, when spoken in the same breath as equality, it should be about recognising and valuing individual as well as group differences.

Legislatively speaking, Britain is much further ahead than other countries. In terms of “equality”, the passing of the Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Duty 2011, there is now legislation that is making the public, communities and organisations sit up and stake their claim for supporting and maintaining Equality rights. As a British born Chinese having studied sports in the UK,  I have always had an eye on equality issues for minority groups and have seen the varying levels of engagement these groups have within their communities and how it has evolved over time.

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Get involved in the MES annual NHS & 3rd sector Midlands Networking event -19th November


“A great networking event to share ideas, thoughts and questions on the NHS.  Learn how to inform your engagement and understand your members better through collaboration and innovation.”

MES will be hosting its annual Midlands Networking event with University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Built on the success of our previous  networking events, this will be the fourth time MES will be in the region and the second time this year.

When : 19th November 2013, 9.30 am – 15.30 pm

Who : This free event is for all NHS and 3rd Sector staff involved in membership management, patient experience, communications and community engagement.

What :The event will be a chance for attendees to get together and explore:

  • Engaging with and understanding your members
  • Patient Experience
  • Using Demographics to inform your engagement

Cost : Totally Free! A buffet lunch will be served on the day so if you have any dietary requirements please state this when reserving your space for the day.

Interested? Places are limited so please email with your name and job title or alternatively, book through here.

In the meantime feel free to browse our blog for previous engagement articles on the topics above.  You can also follow us on twitter at @MESsocial in the build up and on the day to get your opinions across and to read about all the views and debates during the event.

Halloween “Rate my cake” competition for Mind Charity


On the 31st October MES and ERS staff joined forces and got their Master Chef hats and oven gloves on to bake up a storm for a Halloween themed “Rate My Cake” competition.

This is the fourth time we have done this for charity and this year the proceeds for the money we made will go to MIND the mental health charity to help them in their great work in empowering all those who experience mental health issues.

Winning Entry!

Winning Entry!

We had 13 plucky entrants and once again it was fierce competition to win the 1st prize, which went to Andy Prior in ERS with his Cake Pop’s. All in all we managed to raise just over £200 which was matched by ERS, so over £400 in total to be given to MIND charity.

Thanks to all those that supported the cause!